About us

We develop cutting-edge, custom-written software, mining the best of data and designing data-driven business solutions.

We have been on the market for more than 15 years. In that time, we have grown into a team of 70 people, reached 7 countries and built solutions for 4.5 million users. In order to offer the best solutions to our clients, we constantly keep an eye on the latest approaches in the field - from artificial intelligence to new development environments to applications and products from technology leaders such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.

Why Choose CEOS Data?

Crafting custom solutions

We don't offer off-shelf solutions. Instead, we meticulously tailor our offerings to each customer's specific needs. We build robust solutions that grow in tandem with your business. You can rely on us not only during the implementation phase but also throughout subsequent operations.
Our best work is done for clients with whom we maintain long-term collaborations. We live alongside them from dawn till dusk, observing them carefully and getting to know their environments in depth. This allows us to find the best solutions right off the bat

Great results begin with a great brief. We listen to your desires, strive to understand your vision and respect your goals. However, the initial brief is a collaborative effort, so we contribute our experience and expertise to ensure that the project gets off to the right start.

Our emphasis on thoughtful tasking and meticulous testing during the design phase allows us to anticipate potential bottlenecks, risky areas, and the hidden needs of customers. As a result, we're able to incorporate these aspects into our solutions in a timely manner, so you don't have to patch up overlooked holes after implementation.

We achieve high development efficiency through agile project management. Thanks to our fine-tuned processes, we have a very low error rate in the applications we deploy, ensuring a smooth start to your projects.

Time is the only commodity that cannot be scaled. That's why we never burden you with unnecessary formal communication, we focus on your needs and respond to them quickly and flexibly.

Our people

At CEOS Data, we're all about our people. As our team grows, we strive to keep the vibe casual and the doors wide open for everyone's professional growth. It's a win-win: we grow in numbers, sure, but more importantly, we all grow professionally, which boosts the quality of our services.

Bringing a treasure trove of experience from big-name companies like Oracle, AT&T, Siemens, and Česká spořitelna, our consultants, architects, and developers know their stuff. With their fingers on the pulse of industries from healthcare and retail to marketing, telecoms, and banking, they're all set to deliver top-tier services for our customers.

We operate from our cosy offices in Prague and Ostrava, but we have colleagues from all corners of the Czech Republic. If you want to become one of our data magicians, check the open positions.


Milan Marťák
Managing Director,
Company Founder

Milan Marťák

Leveraging his extensive expertise from Silicon Valley and global firms, Milan steers CEOS Data with entrepreneurial acumen. His role is not only limited to managing the company but also extends to shaping systems architecture and driving business development.

Zuzana Šnajdrová
Customer Care Director,
Company Founder

Zuzana Šnajdrová

Zuzana brings a wealth of international consulting experience to spearhead our customer service. Her background in business system development fuels her ability to ensure exceptional customer experiences at CEOS Data.

Lukáš Baroch
Business Development

Lukáš Baroch

At the helm of our business operations, Lukáš takes charge of everything from new client acquisitions to maintaining existing relationships and scouting new investment prospects. His long-standing experience in project planning, B2B, and customer service equips him to deploy our specialists' talents effectively.

Pavol Zemaník
Technology consultant

Pavol Zemaník

A technological powerhouse, Pavol is renowned for his extensive knowledge of IT solutions and development. As a leading Oracle consultant, his valuable input in every project significantly contributes to the success of the CEOS Data brand.

Miroslav Toman
Marketing Manager

Miroslav Toman

Guiding the CEOS Data brand narrative, Miroslav expertly navigates our public image and relationships. He ensures our story always reaches and resonates with the right audience. As a marketing consultant he also helps our client to stand-out with their projects.

Do you want to know us better?

Company history


Reaching New Heights

We championed the complex migration of the extensive Central European CRM of the brand Dr. Max from an on-premise solution to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Additionally, we forged a significant partnership with the Ministry of Interior, driving pivotal data analytics projects.

Embracing Change

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we seamlessly transitioned to various work modes, from onsite and hybrid to remote, highlighting our adaptive capability. Maintaining the balance of efficiency and personal connection, we avoided layoffs and expanded our client base, welcoming names like Raiffeisenbank and M2C.


New Horizons

The burgeoning team necessitated a new Prague address. We started the year off in our contemporary Krč office, enjoying the inspiring views of Prague.

Empowering Growth

By mid-2018, our team grew to a robust 50 members, strengthening our ability to handle large-scale projects while maintaining ample internal resources.

Expanding Footprints

We launched our Prague office, which took over various key operations, including business development and a significant portion of management.

Moving Forward

Transitioning to our new headquarters at the Moravian-Silesian innovation centre in Ostrava, we offered our team a unique workspace featuring a 170-meter terrace, an in-office climbing wall, and cosy co-working zones.

Partnering with O2

We began our successful relationship with O2 as a supplier for the billing system control process, a collaboration that continues to this day.

Building Connections

Major companies like Magistra pharmacies and entities from Penta Holding joined our growing client roster.

Laying the Foundation

CEOS Data was established with a core team of seasoned experts experienced in enterprise systems development and implementation across various international companies (Oracle, AT&T, Sanmina-SCI, KLA-Tencor).

This year marked the start of our ongoing relationship with Dr.Max, facilitating their smart data utilisation in company management. As early adopters of cloud-based data warehouses, we established ourselves as leading providers of advanced business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.