About us

We develop cutting-edge, custom-written software, mining the best of data and designing data-driven business solutions.

We have been on the market for more than 15 years. In that time, we have grown into a team of 70 people, reached 7 countries and built solutions for 4.5 million users. In order to offer the best solutions to our clients, we constantly keep an eye on the latest approaches in the field - from artificial intelligence to new development environments to applications and products from technology leaders such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM.

Why CEOS Data?

Tailor-made solutions

We do not offer package solutions. For each customer we tailor to their needs. We build robust solutions that grow together with your business. You can rely on us not only during implementation, but also during subsequent operation.

We do the best work for clients with whom we cooperate on a long-term basis. We live with them from morning to night, follow them closely and know their environment in detail. That is how we find the best solutions for you at the first time.

A prerequisite for great results is a great assignment. We listen to your wishes, try to understand your vision and respect your goals. But the initial assignment is collaborative work, so we bring our experience and expertise to it, which will guarantee that the project moves in the right direction right from the start.

The emphasis on well thought-out specifications and careful testing during the design phase allows us to anticipate bottlenecks and risks as well as hidden customer needs. As a result, we can incorporate them into the overall solution in time, so you don't have to patch up holes after implementation that no one noticed.

We achieve high development efficiency through agile project management. Thanks to fine-tuned processes, we have a very low error rate of deployed applications and do not slow down the start of your projects.

Time is the only commodity that cannot be scaled. That's why we never burden you with unnecessary formal communication, we focus on your needs and respond to them quickly and flexibly.

Our people

CEOS Data owes its success to its people. Although our team is constantly growing, it is still important for us to maintain an informal atmosphere in the company and an environment open to the professional development of each member. Thus, we are growing together not only in numbers, but above all in professional competence and quality, which we translate into our services.

In their work, our consultants, architects and developers draw on many years of professional experience from Czech and multinational companies such as Oracle, AT&T, Siemens or Česká spořitelna. Their expertise covers industries such as healthcare, retail, marketing, telecommunications and banking.

We operate from offices in Prague and Ostrava, but we have colleagues from all over the Czech Republic.

Milan Marťák
Managing Director,
Company Founder

Milan Marťák

Milan has many years of experience in international companies and building technology companies in Silicon Valley. In addition to company management, he focuses on systems architecture and business development.

Zuzana Šnajdrová
Customer Care Director,
Company Founder

Zuzana Šnajdrová

Zuzka uses her extensive international experience in consulting and development of business systems to organize and provide excellent customer service.

Lukáš Baroch
Business Development

Lukáš Baroch

Lukáš is in charge of the company's business activities, including the acquisition of new customers and projects, taking care of existing ones and looking for new investment opportunities. His work is based on many years of experience in project planning, B2B agenda and customer service. He knows perfectly the capabilities of our specialists and can help the customer to use them effectively.

Pavol Zemaník
Technology consultant

Pavol Zemaník

Pavel's extensive know-how in the field of IT solutions and development forms the basis of his extreme contribution in every project he implements. Pavol is a top Oracle consultant and the man behind many of CEOS Data's successes.

Miroslav Toman
Marketing Manager

Miroslav Toman

Mirek takes care of communication and brand building at CEOS and as a consultant he also helps CEOS customers with marketing support for joint projects.

Do you want to know us better?

Company history


Up to the clouds

We successfully implemented a challenging migration of the large Central European CRM of brand Dr.Max from an on-premise solution to the Microsoft Azure cloud. We became a partner of the Ministry of Interior in important data-analytics projects.

We can adapt

We successfully adapted to the "new normal" during the Covid-19 pandemic. We learned to work in modes ranging from onsite, hybrid work to remote. We save each other time in meetings, but at the same time we don't forget the importance of personal contact. We did not make layoffs, on the contrary, we managed to improve our activities with new customers, for example Reiffeisenbank or M2C.

We are moving

The rapid growth in the number of employees led us to change our Prague address. Since the beginning of the year we have been working in modern offices in Krč with a beautiful view of Prague.

Growing up

There are over 50 of us already! In the middle of 2018, the number of the company's employees exceeded 50, and CEOS Data is thus able to guarantee sufficient internal resources for future large-scale projects.


We opened a Prague office, which took over, for example, the business development agenda, a large part of development and operations management.


We moved to our new headquarters in the Moravian-Silesian innovation centre in Ostrava. The new premises offered employees, for example, a 170-metre terrace, a climbing wall right in the office or relaxation and coworking zones.

Cooperation with O2

CEOS Data become the supplier of the billing system control process for the operator O2. The successful cooperation continues to this day.


Important companies such as Magistra pharmacies or companies from the Penta holding have become our clients.


We founded CEOS Data. From the very beginning, the team consisted of experts with many years of international experience in the development and implementation of company systems in multinational companies (Oracle, AT&T, Sanmina-SCI, KLA-Tencor).

In this year, the cooperation with the Dr.Max brand began, which continues to this day. For Česká lékárna holding a.s. (the operator of the Dr.Max pharmacy network) in the whole area of smart use of data in company management. We were one of the first who built our customer's modern data warehouses on a cloud basis. Thus, we have become one of the top providers of advanced business intelligence and data warehousing solutions.