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Step into a company where you're more than just 
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with plenty of flexibility and the latest technologies. 
Find out how you can grow with us.

Meet CEOS Data

Team Interview

Team Interview

Meet the colleagues who will make feel welcome

Ostrava Office

Ostrava Office

Look around our airy office in Ostrava
Offices in Prague

Offices in Prague

Enjoy the view from the Prague office

Why pick CEOS Data?


For us, you'r not just a "walking man-hour", we'll make you a part of our gang.


Set your own working hours. No need to come to the office every day.


Diverse projects mean a diverse tech stack. You'll learn a lot with us.


You're not here for just a few releases. We value long-term collaboration.


We'll show you our workflow from A to Z and support your growth.

Starting an IT Career? No Sweat!

What’s it like to join an IT company as a tester? Who does this job suits best and who will thrive at CEOS Data? Listen to Míša, Monika, and Alena as they share their stories of starting out with us as testers.

Additional Perks

  • Flexible working hours

    Plan your work around your own schedule

  • Professional Growth

    Find a course or training, and we’ll arrange it for you

  • English Lessons

    Let's speak fluent like a native!

  • Mobile Plan

    We have a great plan for you and your family

  • Holiday allowance

    Relax on the beach or in the mountains

  • 5 Weeks of Vacation

    You get plenty of rest + 3 sick days as a bonus

  • Performance Bonus

    We’ll reward your hard work

  • Multisport Card

    Your magic card for the pool, gym, sauna...

  • Phone Allowance

    Get the latest model for less

  • WFH

    Feel free to work from your living room or terrace

  • Referral Bonus

    Recommend a great colleagu, get a great bonus

  • Comfy Offices

    Sofas, monitors, views; you'll get comfy

  • Meal Vouchers

    Treat your taste buds with anything you like

  • Occupational Pension

    We’ll contribute to your more comfortable retirement

What to Look Forward To

A Company That Cares

We’re far from a corporate behemoth.

With a team of nearly 70, we develop data solutions. None of us bite, and we love welcoming new faces. You won’t be just an ID badge, but a valued member of our team. We’ll care about how you’re doing and always look forward to seeing you in the office.

We’re not interested in short-term hires.

Many of our team members have been with us for years, watching their projects grow and evolve. We want to build a long-lasting relationship with you, get to know you well, and learn from each other.

Don’t worry about falling into a routine. Every release presents a new challenge, and our tech stack is rich. We’re glad for you to learn new tools. If that’s not enough variety, we can always discuss changing projects or teams. 

We know a product is only as good as its creators.

Hardcore introverts may come to the office just once a week, while office lovers will find everything they need there thanks to our back office. Our core hours are 9–2 to minimize chasing each other down and to make meeteng planning easier. The rest is up to you. We welcome night owls and early birds alike.

Your CV doesn’t have to be packed with experience.

We don’t always ask for long lists of experiences from applicants. Like Jana, who started as a junior tester and quickly rose to a data analyst position thanks to her passion and hard work. What matters most to us is that you enjoy your work and have a desire to get better at it.

Sounds Good so Far?

Here’s a Glimpse of Our Workplace

No Position For You?

Maybe we don’t yet realize how much we need you.
If you feel your personality and skills would be a perfect match
for our team, definitely let us know! At worst,
we’ll just have a nice chat over a good cup of coffee.

Your Go-To Person

Klára Nováková

Klára Nováková

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