We are not a corporate juggernaut and you are not just
an ID to us. With us, you will be a personality that everyone knows by name and knows what you are working on and what you like. We like to spend time together not only in the office, but go for a beer or a squash.

Your ideas will not get lost in a drawer with us. Do you have an app, a project or a startup? We welcome any initiative and can fund a business idea.

We can work in the office, remotely and at the client's location. Many of us are avid runners or cyclists, so it is no problem to run or bike to the office. But that's not all. There are plenty of other benefits, but you already know we are worth a try. Join us and see for yourself!

Meet CEOS Data

How CEOS Data recruitment works

How CEOS Data recruitment works

 How the first day goes

How the first day goes

Interviews with employees

Interviews with employees

Company culture

Our company culture also identifies with the idea of ​​growth on an individual level - we let the employee grow and we can adapt to their individual needs. We believe that capable people are best at setting their own boundaries and are best suited to an environment that motivates them to be creative and innovative.


  • Flexible working hours

    Your daily rhythm is up to you

  • English language courses

    We have regular conversation classes with great lecturers

  • Favourable mobile tariffs

    For you and your family

  • Benefit plus card

    For fun, sport and shopping

  • Education in the field

    Does a course, training or workshop make sense to you? Let us know!

  • Holiday allowance

    After a year with us, we are going to give you a nice rest

  • 5 Sick days

    Don't take vacation when you're just not feeling well or you are arranging something

  • Allowance for the purchase of a phone

    No complications, just money for a new phone

  • Performance-based financial bonuses

    No pain, no gain

  • Subsidized Multisport card

    Gym, pool, squash... well, anything!

  • Home office possibility

    We want you to feel comfortable and motivated

  • Referral rewards

    Bring a superman and you get a super bonus

  • Offices built for people

    Comfort, good light and view - no cold open space

  • Lump sum meal allowance

    Don't starve to death!

  • Contribution to superannuation

    We will help you think out the back door


Why work with us?

Openness and respect

In our work, we are driven by supporting new ideas and listening to other opinions.

Although we may not agree, we are always professional, honest and fair. Mutual respect promotes better understanding and cooperation. Along with criticism, we also bring suggestions.

We achieve better results with an open, creative and purposeful approach.


The individual needs of each employee and customer deserve due respect and support.

We build our success and growth together by leveraging everyone's strengths.

By using the entire spectrum of personalities in our team, we are able to find better solutions in everyday situations that require creativity and determination.


Each of us is responsible for our work and can defend its results at any time.

We use our working freedom and resources to increase our own efficiency. We always treat them as if they were our own investment.

By continuously developing and improving processes and procedures, we do things better and more efficiently.


A trustful, partner-like and balanced approach makes our relationship with customers and colleagues more effective and successful.

We actively listen to our customers and propose solutions that move them closer to their goals.

We grow together.


Together, we focus on what we do best. We are top experts at what we do.

We anticipate and look further than others.

Our work has an overlap and develops not only our own business, but the entire industry as such.

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