Used technologies

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle In-Memory
  • Couchbase
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle NoSQL
  • MemCache
  • MonetDB
  • MySQL
  • Data Vault 2.0

Dr. Max is a powerhouse, handling millions of pharmacy transactions and web visits daily. For an enterprise of our scale, a robust data management system is non-negotiable. We have a long-standing relationship with CEOS Data, collaborating not just on data processing but also in building a data warehouse. Beyond their exceptional technical skills, they possess an in-depth understanding of our business. This synergy is invaluable, as it accelerates the development of all our solutions.

Jiří Navrátil

CEO of E-commerce, Dr. Max

Dr.Max: A complete change in data warehouse architecture jump-started the performance of one of the largest loyalty programs in the country


In today's landscape, it's essential for all companies, especially those experiencing rapid growth, to understand that data is their most valuable asset. The quicker this awareness takes root and leads to diligent data management, the faster the company can avoid data loss and eliminate excessive costs in data storage and processing.

Pavol Zemaník

Chief Information Officer, CEOS Data

A growing company needs solutions that will grow with it.