Used technologies

  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle In-Memory
  • Couchbase
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle NoSQL
  • MemCache
  • MonetDB
  • MySQL
  • Data Vault 2.0

Dr.Max is a large company that processes millions of pharmacy transactions and millions of visits to our website. For such a large company, we need a robust data processing system. We have been working with CEOS Data for a very long time and have worked with their teams to build a data warehouse as well. In addition to their top-notch technical background, they are equipped with a deep knowledge of our business. This is key for us because it allows us to develop all solutions very quickly.

Jiří Navrátil

CEO e-commerce, Dr.Max

Dr.Max: A complete change in data warehouse architecture jump-started the performance of one of the largest loyalty programs in the country


Nowadays, it's crucial for every company (especially fast-growing ones) to realize that the most valuable thing they have is data. The sooner a company realizes this and starts taking care of its data, the sooner it will stop losing data or storing and processing it in an unnecessarily expensive way.

Pavol Zemaník

Chief Information Officer, CEOS Data

A company that is growing needs solutions
that will grow with it.