Know your customer

One of the main benefits of data analytics is the deepening of knowledge about customers. Companies gain data about their customers' behaviours, preferences, needs and interests and can use it to create more targeted marketing campaigns, personalised offers and improved customer experience. Deep analytics add value to BI reporting and serve as the basis for predictive models for customer retention or creative approaches to customer acquisition.

“The loyalty program of the largest medicine seller in Central Europe is based on CEOS Data analyses.”

We give managers 100% insight

Another important benefit of data analytics is the optimization of business processes. Companies gain information about the performance of their processes and identify areas that can be improved. Based on this information, they can take action to improve efficiency, which leads to cost savings and increases productivity and performance.

Data enables companies to obtain accurate and up-to-date information, which improves decision-making processes. They also help eliminate subjective bias and use objective data to determine the best solutions. We work with different types of data, including financial, business and operational ones.

Data analytics can help companies identify fraud and risk, which helps protect the company from financial loss and reputational damage.

We detect anomalies in the data that could indicate fraud. Non-standard transactions, series of transactions with similar characteristics or detection of false financial or factual data. These indicators can be signs of fraud, and catching them early can save a company from lost funds and reputational damage.

“We helped a mobile operator to automate billing control.”

Advantage of market knowledge

Prediction of market behavior is another benefit of data analytics for companies. Advanced analytics enable businesses to analyze market trends, identify opportunities and predict future market behavior. They can then use this information to improve strategy and decision-making, leading to business growth.

Bulletproof know-how

Our data scientists, analysts and business analysts are experienced data experts who use a variety of methods and technologies to collect, organize, analyze and interpret data. Data scientists specialize in working with large and complex data and use statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods. Data analysts focus on analysing data and creating reports and dashboards for organisations. Business analysts use data to support business decisions and use methods such as SWOT analysis and competitive analysis. Their experience is mainly in the retail, telecommunications and banking sectors.

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