Process automation

Struggling with labor-intensive processes that add little value? We specialize in automating these bottlenecks. Based on an in-depth analysis of your business, we craft strategies aimed at reducing labor and associated costs. Whether it's automating controlling, reporting, or implementing automated analytics for operational and strategic decision-making, we've got you covered.

For a major telecommunications operator, we've developed an automated controlling system that has been ensuring billing accuracy for several years, thereby helping the company achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Stepping towards data-driven management

Looking to leverage your data more effectively? Our data audits involve a comprehensive analysis of your key customer and operational data. We engage in discussions with your key personnel to identify crucial performance indicators, followed by actionable recommendations to deepen your data-driven management approach.

Infrastructure built for your ambitions

Is your tech company growing rapidly and you're grappling with infrastructural changes? We assist in transforming and scaling your infrastructure, minimizing operational disruptions, and optimizing costs.

We designed an infrastructure for Dr. Max's CRM and loyalty program when the brand was operating around 40 pharmacies. Our robust solution has effortlessly scaled to support their rapid growth to several hundred branches and the launch of a high-performance e-shop.

A growing company needs solutions that will grow with it.

Customized solutions and services