Process automation

In digital transformation area, we are focusing on automating processes that now require a lot of human labour without significant added value. We prepare a strategy for future development with the aim of saving human labour and related costs and we design suitable tools for large companies in various industries. Based on the customer's understanding and analysis of their business, we can propose a transformation process towards automation of controlling, reporting or analysis serving in operations and strategic decision-making.

“We have prepared an automatic controlling system for a major telecommunications operator, which has been taking care of the factual accuracy of invoicing for several years and thus helps the company to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.”

How to move towards data
oriented management

As part of the data audit, we analyze all relevant customer and operational data, which we translate into clearly described activities leading to improvements in the monitored indicators.

Based on the analysis of the supplied data and interviews with key people, we deliver specific recommendations and prepare measures to deepen data-driven management.

Infrastructure that can handle all the big plans

In the area of infrastructure readiness, we help fast-growing technology companies with change management and infrastructure transformation. We strive to minimize the impact of change on operations and optimize infrastructure costs.

“The CRM and Dr.Max loyalty program run on an infrastructure we designed when the brand operated about 40 pharmacies. Our solution has stood up to the increase in the number of branches to several hundred and the arrival of a powerful e-shop.”

A growing company needs solutions that grow with it.

Customized solutions and services